Awards & registration fee waivers

The deadline for support applications has expired. Applicants will be informed about the outcome by 21 April 2016.

Scientists, who wish to apply for either the EMS YSTA or a registration fee waiver must be the principal author of their contribution and must submit an abstract by 16 March 2016. For the submission of your abstract/application, please enter the session Programme, select the programme group and session you would like to submit your abstract to, and use the link "Abstract submission" associated with that session. Within the abstract submission tool, please tick the award or support scheme you want to apply for. Also study the respective announcement below for requirements and submission of any additional documentation.

  • Please note, that the abstract processing fee (APF) is also applied in case of support applications.
  • Each support award is granted to the contact author for a particular abstract. Should this abstract be withdrawn before the meeting or should this abstract not be presented at the meeting although the author who has been awarded is present at the meeting, the award has to be returned, i.e. the author in question will be asked to register and, if necessary, to pay back the money received.
  • Awards cannot be transferred.

Please follow the links below for detailed instructions on how to apply for the respective support schemes

  • EMS Young Scientist Travel Award
  • Registration fee waiver

    In general it is expected that authors of conference contributions scheduled for presentation will secure their participation in the conference without any financial assistance provided by the organisers.

    For a limited number of participants registration fees may be waived, with high priority for young scientists. Participants that may want to apply for waivers to facilitate their participation in this conference are asked to indicate their application within the abstract submission tool, and provide the following documents:

    • a short CV, indicating nationality, date of birth, and recent relevant publications,
    • a short statement on other sources of funding of travel expenses, and how research will benefit from attending the conference,
    • the abstract number and title, and the session to which the abstract was submitted.

    Please submit these documents in pdf-format, no later than 16 March 2016, to

  • EMS Tromp Young Scientist Travel Award for papers on biometeorology